OneWalk Teams

OneWalk, at its heart is a community event, and an experience best shared with those important to you. Joining or forming a team is the best way to experience OneWalk, from the moment you register to event weekend.

Multiply your impact by creating a new team of your own!

Read about our different types of teams below and call your OneWalk Coach to ask any questions and get registered.

Corporate Teams

Corporate teams are a great way to rally coworkers towards a common cause, get to know each other out of the office, stay healthy and of course make a huge impact on cancer research and care.
Call our Corporate Teams specialist on 514.393.WALK to get your Corporate team set up.

Community Teams

All it takes is two people to create a team. Wouldn’t it be great to Walk alongside your friends, family, sports teams, university friends, community groups united to conquer cancer?

Open Teams

Open Teams are teams who welcome new people on their team. Grab a friend and sign up to one of these great teams, knowing that you’ll not only make new friends but will receive extra support from your new team mates.

Team-Based Fundraising FAQ

  • Will the funds in the Team Fund be re-allocated before the event?
    No. As long as the total amount for the team reaches the required amount to cover all the team members everyone can participate.
  • Is Team Fundraising available to all teams or just corporate teams?
    This is available to all teams.
  • What is my Team's cancer fund?
    When the team was created, your team captain selected the cancer fund for the team. Call one of our OneWalk coaches and they will provide you with the information.
  • Does Crew fundraising count towards the teams’ total fundraising goal?
    Yes! If you have crew members on your team, the dollars they raise go towards the Team fundraising goal.
  • How should I send my team donations?
    Team donations can be made online on the team page. You can also fill out a team donation form that you can download.
  • What happens when the team fundraising total is not enough to cover all walkers’ fundraising minimums?
    The team captain will have to decide who on the team is eligible to participate.
  • Can my donors choose the cancer fund they would like to donate to if different from mine?
    No. The cancer fund you select is where the donors funds will be allocated.